Ramblin' Rascal


Sydney's premier Five Star Dive Bar will be welcoming local and international festival-goers to Gadigal land for the Ramblin Rascal Robed Party! Bring your own robe and get comfy as the team throw down Ketel One delights, live music and lolly bags to kick off the World Class Cocktail Festival!

When: Mon 12th Sept - 11pm-2am (venue open from 4pm)

Plus a $15 cocktail offer available throughout the festival. 


Since 2014, Sydney's Ramblin; Rascal Tavern has been serving up some of the best local and imported booze.  With a wide range of French brandy and Australian gin, Rascal has for everybody. 

It takes a little while to find the door to Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern near the corner of Park and Elizabeth Streets, marked only by a black sign with three skulls.

Once inside you will find a fine choice of liquors displayed against the back bar, with the balance weighing slightly in favour of whisky and cognac.  Cocktails range from approachable to heavy. The Twelve Gauge Grog, for example, includes “A couple of drabs of over-proofed stuff”, Havana 7, bitters, orange and lemon juice and a splash of grapefruit slush.

As for wine and beer, the lists are short and unpretentious. The most important thing for the Rascals is keeping it local. Beers are of the craft variety but if you’re down on your luck, you can grab a tinnie for $6.