Waste Nothing - Taste Everything.

Matt Whiley presents the world's first permanent no-waste bar.

Relook. Research. Relearn. Reconsider. Reimagine. Recreate. Rewrite. Retry. Remake. Rejoice. Repeat.


The Tequila Journey will take you on a tour of Sydney's finest Tequileiras, we’ll duck and dive into some spots you’ve never visited before and visit innovators revered the world over such as RE in South Eveleigh and Tios to name a few. You'll be collected from a central location in Sydney's CBD and chauffeured in a minibus to 5 incredible bars to taste some of the planet's finest agave spirits, be regaled in tales of Tequilas distinguished heritage and discover that Mexico's lifeblood is far more diverse than just the base of a great Margie. To book, click the link and join us on The Tequila Journey experience.

When: Saturday 17 September. 6pm-midnight.