The Duke of Clarence


James Grant (World Class Global Champion, 2021) will be jumping behind the bar at Duke of Clarence and spinning Singleton sippers from 6-9pm on Sunday the 11th of September. With the infamous Duke of Clarence Sunday Roast on offer, expect Scottish Coffees, scotch eggs and perfect pints of Guiness alongside live entertainment all evening!

When: Sunday 11 September.  6-9pm. 


After the success of the Barber Shop/Cocktail Bar concept in Sydney’s CBD, Barrelhouse Group Directors Mikey Enright and Julian Train have brought their vision of an authentic mid-1800’s tavern to life by opening The Duke of Clarence.

It’s a project that’s something of a dream come true for Mikey Enright, who hails from England himself and has always wanted to create his own tavern. The London Tavern was a notable meeting place in the 18th and 19th Centuries and the objective was to ensure the experience for guests is as authentic as one would find in Victorian England.

Original furnishings and materials have been meticulously sourced directly from throughout the UK, with many of the materials and items well over 100 years old including floorboards dating back to the 1850s.

Mikey says. “The Duke of Clarence is everything that we wanted to have in a tavern that We’ve not been able to get — you can have a genuine cask ale, or dare I say it, a decent pint of Guinness; a European wine or champagne; or a cocktail that’s been rotovapped with English essences using ingredients that were used back during the times of Charles Dickens.”