Jenner Cormier

Our first Canadian Winner (2013) from Halifax, Nova Scotia – we’re thrilled to have Jenner Cormier. Jenner’s favourite drink style is something bitter with some form of carbonation, but he wouldn’t say no to something Agave or Whisky based. When making drinks he likes to keep things simple: few ingredients, the classics such as Sazerac, Martinez, Tipperary & White Lady because of their history, but he says, “Even though these cocktails seem 'simple' they are often times the most difficult to make incredibly well.” Jenner believes World Class is “an amazing opportunity for serious bartenders to network across the country and also around the world” and says, “All aspects of your bartending need to be airtight - it's about the long game and being consistent in every dimension.” If he could work in any bar in the world (outside of the amazing Bar Kismet in Halifax that he owns with his wife Annie) he says, "It would have been Chasen's in Beverly Hills - specifically the night that Pepe Ruiz created the Flame Of Love back in the 1970's. I really love that cocktail.” And if he could serve anyone a drink, "It would be “my grandfather, Onile Cormier. I never got a chance to meet him. I would make him anything he wants, but the conversation would have meant a lot to me.”